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Information for Authors

Translocations invites academic contributions from the social sciences, humanities and law studies as well as from NGOs, community groups and other groups from civil society that address the following topics *in relation to migration*:

  • Globalisation
  • State and Racism
  • Gender, Class and Race
  • Education, Health and Social Policy
  • Integration and Social Inclusion
  • Human Rights and Citizenship
  • Transnationalism and Diaspora
  • Material, Visual and Media Cultures
  • Politics, Citizenship, Civil Society

Translocations welcomes submissions to the following sections:

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Translocations publishes original research, case studies and policy analysis from a broad range of disciplines including *//*the social sciences, humanities and law studies. Articles should address the complex interactions between migration and social change in contemporary Ireland and track the various processes of social transformation this is leading to. Articles should be no longer than 8000 words, including explanatory notes and list of references, and should be submitted together with an abstract of 150 words and five to eight key words.


Translocations provides a platform for NGOs, agencies and practitioners to address practical aspects of the intersection integration and migration in contemporary Ireland. Contributions to this section should be between 2000-3000 words in length.

Legal Notes

This section addresses recent developments in human rights, citizenship, migration and racial discriminations from a legal perspective. Submissions to this section should be no longer than 3000 words.

Review Section

This section includes reviews of relevant books, websites/internet resources and cultural expressions. Books reviews and other reviews should be between 500-1000 words. Review essays may be no longer than 2000 words.

Style Guide

  • Authors should submit manuscripts written in clear and concise language. Clear writing is particularly important because Translocations aims to address a readership that is not only interdisciplinary but also goes beyond the academia
  • Translocations uses the Harvard system of enclosed references such as (Lentin/McVeigh 2002: 21) for bibliographic citations. Sources cited should be listed as references at the end of the article in the following way:
    • Book: Kincheloe, J. & Steinberg, S.R. (1997) Changing Multiculturalism (Buckingham/Philadelphia: Open University Press)
    • Book chapter: Nozinic, D. (2002) 'One refugee experience in Ireland', in Lentin, R. & McVeigh, R., (eds) Racism and Anti-Racism in Ireland (Belfast: Beyond the Pale)
    • Journal Article: Vaughan, B. (2004) 'Accounting for the diversity of policing in Ireland', Irish Journal of Sociology, 13 (1), pp. 51-72
    • Internet source: Hughes, G./Quinn, E. (2004) The Impact of Immigration on Europe's Societies: Ireland. Available at http://www.esri.ie/pdf/BKMNEXT057_Impact%20of%20Immigration.pdf (accessed 27.9.2005)
  • Explanatory notes should be kept to a minimum and inserted as footnotes.
  • Any tables, graphs, diagrams, images or similar graphic material may appear at the appropriate place in the text. Coloured graphics can be used. However, please consider that readers will print articles from this site on black & white printers. It is the responsibility of authors to obtain permission to reproduce any graphic material.
  • All submissions (book reviews included) should be formatted in MS Word and e-mailed as an attachment to the Managing Editor: Mary Hyland.
  • NO double spacing at the end of sentences.
  • Use 's' instead of 'z' where appropriate - e.g. 'organisation'

Translocations is a peer-reviewed journal. Manuscripts submitted are reviewed by the Editorial Board and external referees, a process which usually takes three to four months. Manuscripts will then be rejected and returned, accepted on condition of author revisions or accepted with minor editorial revisions. Final proofs are not normally sent to authors once any major textual revisions have been approved because of the limited time frame.

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