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The problematics of migration and integration have come together in contemporary Ireland creating a field of political and intellectual intervention in which the future of social transformation in Ireland is hanging in the balance. Translocations will address this emerging problematic from the perspective of independent critical thinking where the only given is a commitment to progressive social transformation.

Translocations refers to an intersecting set of perspectives that create the terrain on which we choose to situate ourselves. We will be trans-disciplinary taking in the social sciences, cultural studies, the arts, law and the broad humanities. We are also engaged with a trans-national process, namely migratory flows and trans-border insofar as Ireland is divided by one.

We are also very firmly trans-sectoral insofar as our audience is not just an academic one but also the world of the NGO's and progressive policy makers. Some of us might also think of ourselves as trans-gressors of established power-knowledge paradigms!

While it is a 'trans' journal, Translocations is not another global studies journal disembodied and non-grounded. We are a trans locational journal in the belief that global processes can only take shape in particular locations. Our chosen location - where we are grounded - is Ireland in all its divided and conflictual complexity and not the anodyne 'island of Ireland ' of the tourist brochures. We are located also in relation to the new migrant communities that we do not 'speak for' but whose democratic aspirations we support. We are trans-locational too in the sense that the members of the editorial board are located socially and spatially in a diversity of subject locations.

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